Flower Garden: Using iCloud


Using iCloud

Flower Garden will take advantage of iCloud if you have a device with iOS 5 or higher and you have iCloud enabled. If you don’t have iCloud set up, here are some good instructions from Apple on how to do it.

Flower Garden stores two things on iCloud at the moment:

  • Non-consumable Flower Shop purchases. That is, everything except for Fertilizer and Color Dust.
  • Unlocked seeds.

That means that whenever you run Flower Garden on any other device with iCloud enabled and using the same iCloud account, you will automatically get all the purchases you made, and all the seeds you’ve unlocked so far will be available for you to use.

We’ll look into also storing Fertilizer and Color Dust in iCloud in a future update. We’re also investigating the possibility of combining the purchases in Flower Garden and Flower Garden Free so you can use them in either game.


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